Visual Poem: Threadneedle Street

Photo Poem: Threadneedle Street.
Image: Chemigram on Photographic Paper.

With every second
uncoordinated step
a whiskered wretch
would spit and sway
in fumes of cheap whiskey
hoarsely objurgate
the pinstripe marionettes
of Threadneedle Street.

Bankers, vagrants,
pavements of gold
leaf roll ups in
yellow mouths of pitiful souls.

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Steve Nimmons
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Photo Poetry
Photo Poem: Threadneedle Street.<br />
Image: Chemigram on Photographic Paper.<br />
<br />
-<br />
With every second<br />
uncoordinated step<br />
a whiskered wretch<br />
would spit and sway<br />
in fumes of cheap whiskey<br />
hoarsely objurgate<br />
the pinstripe marionettes<br />
of Threadneedle Street.<br />
<br />
Bankers, vagrants,<br />
pavements of gold<br />
leaf roll ups in<br />
yellow mouths of pitiful souls.<br />