Visual Poem: Languor

Photo Poem: Languor.
Image: Acrylic painting on chemigram.

your cupid’s bow was stained
black and purple
by the fragrant wine.

That licentious afternoon
we indulged
every sweet indiscretion of the grape
and fell in post-coital languor
to that place
where clocks sound lazy
and each can breathe
a turn for the other.

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Steve Nimmons
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Photo Poetry
Photo Poem: Languor.<br />
Image: Acrylic painting on chemigram.<br />
<br />
-<br />
your cupid’s bow was stained<br />
black and purple<br />
by the fragrant wine.<br />
<br />
That licentious afternoon<br />
we indulged<br />
every sweet indiscretion of the grape<br />
and fell in post-coital languor<br />
to that place<br />
where clocks sound lazy<br />
and each can breathe<br />
a turn for the other.<br />