Visual Poem: The City's Games

Photo Poetry: The City's Games.
Image: Acrylic painting on chemigram.

The streets were in disarray
and the toys, protesting
painted their names, red
in the blood of the dying.

Now the city’s games
were played with fists
and chains and knives,
all for respect,
ruthless, filthy respect.

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Steve Nimmons
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Photo Poetry
Photo Poetry: The City's Games.<br />
Image: Acrylic painting on chemigram.<br />
<br />
-<br />
The streets were in disarray<br />
and the toys, protesting<br />
painted their names, red<br />
in the blood of the dying.<br />
<br />
Now the city’s games<br />
were played with fists<br />
and chains and knives,<br />
all for respect,<br />
ruthless, filthy respect.<br />