Visual Poem: Shy Words

Photo Poem: Shy Words.
Image: Acrylic painting on cork.

Longing for contact in the dance
shy words tap their feet
awkward as unsure adolescents.

But precocious words jive
to Dexter Gordon, Go!
Know the beat, yes, of Frank O'Hara
and strong coffee
chain smoking Gauloises
on 6th Avenue...

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Steve Nimmons
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Photo Poetry
Photo Poem: Shy Words.<br />
Image: Acrylic painting on cork.<br />
<br />
-<br />
Longing for contact in the dance<br />
shy words tap their feet<br />
awkward as unsure adolescents.<br />
<br />
But precocious words jive<br />
to Dexter Gordon, Go!<br />
Know the beat, yes, of Frank O'Hara<br />
and strong coffee<br />
chain smoking Gauloises<br />
on 6th Avenue...<br />