Visual Poem: Conflagration of Flowers

Photo Poem: Conflagration of Flowers.
Image: Acrylic painting on chemigram.

You, my conflagration of flowers
are the wildfire bloom
of radiance untamed.

Your beauty consumes
as anything natural
of soil and air and light
and love’s composted hopes.

I inhale your smoke, perfumed,
and dream in soft narcotic warmth
of morning’s flame dyed sky.

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Steve Nimmons
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Photo Poetry
Photo Poem: Conflagration of Flowers.<br />
Image: Acrylic painting on chemigram.<br />
<br />
-<br />
You, my conflagration of flowers<br />
are the wildfire bloom<br />
of radiance untamed.<br />
<br />
Your beauty consumes<br />
as anything natural<br />
of soil and air and light<br />
and love’s composted hopes.<br />
<br />
I inhale your smoke, perfumed,<br />
and dream in soft narcotic warmth<br />
of morning’s flame dyed sky.<br />