White Notley, Church of St. Etheldreda, Photos

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Gallery of photos of White Notley and the Anglican Parish Church of St. Etheldreda in Essex, England.

St. Etheldreda, also known as St. Æthelthryth, was an Anglo-Saxon princess born around 636 in East Anglia. Renowned for her piety, she chose a celibate life after the death of her husband. Etheldreda founded the double monastery of Ely on the Isle of Ely, serving as its abbess. Her commitment to religious life and Christian devotion left an enduring legacy. Following her death around 679, her tomb at Ely became a revered pilgrimage site. St. Etheldreda is depicted in art as a symbol of royal lineage and monastic establishment, her feast day celebrated on June 23rd in Roman Catholic traditions and on October 17th in Anglican traditions.
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