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Gallery of photos of Portrush including seascapes, Portrush beaches and photos of Portrush town.

Portrush is a town located on the northern coast of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. It is situated along the scenic Causeway Coast, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The town is known for its stunning beaches, golf courses, and vibrant coastal atmosphere.

The sands of East Strand and West Strand provide opportunities for seascape and beach photography.

For panoramic views of the coastline, Ramore Head is an excellent vantage point. Capture the changing hues of the sky as the sun bids farewell, casting its warm glow over the rocks, or face the fierce Atlantic storms and capture the energy of Northern Ireland’s ‘extreme weather’.

In summer Portrush Harbour is filled with colourful boats, paddle boarders and paddlers.

For a touch of nostalgia and visual excess, venture to the former Barry's Amusements (aka Currys). This traditional amusement park, with its indoor and outdoor attractions offers a playful and visually engaging environment.

Just outside Portrush is Dunluce Castle. Perched precariously on the cliff, the castle ruins present one of the most iconic and compelling subjects along the Causeway Coast.
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