Orwell Bridge Photos

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Pictures of the Orwell bridge over the River Orwell in Suffolk, England - near to Ipswich.

The Orwell Bridge is a prominent infrastructure landmark in Suffolk, England, serving a vital role in the transportation network of the region. Spanning the River Orwell, it connects the town of Ipswich on the east bank to the village of Wherstead and the A14 road on the west bank. The A14 is a major east-west route that runs across England, making the Orwell Bridge a key component of the national road network.

The bridge was officially opened to the public on December 17, 1982, and its construction was a significant engineering achievement. The bridge has a total length of around 1,287 meters.

Its strategic location and design make the Orwell Bridge a crucial link for both regional and national transportation. The bridge is particularly important for the flow of traffic to and from the Port of Felixstowe, one of the largest container ports in the United Kingdom.

Due to its significance, the Orwell Bridge has become an iconic structure in the area, not only for its engineering but also for its impact on regional connectivity and economic activities. It serves as a symbol of modern infrastructure and plays a key role in enhancing the efficiency of transportation networks in the East of England.
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