Orange Order Ballymena Twelfth 2022

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Photos from the annual Orange Order 12th of July demonstration in Ballymena, 2022. The pictures capture the return leg of the parade from the 'the field' at Ballee down the Antrim Road, towards Harryville.

Ballymena and Belfast are the only locations that host Twelfth demonstrations every year. Ballymena District consists of numerous Orange Lodges, many of which retain their traditions of playing Lambeg drums and fifes. This musical style remains strong particularly in mid-Antrim and is a contrast with other Twelfth parades.

Flute bands are also prominent and there are many long-established bands within the Ballymena area.

The Ballymena District parade is a traditional country parade, friendly, but arguably with a more conservative character than the main Belfast parade.

Members of local ladies and junior Lodges join the procession and many younger members help by ‘carrying the strings’ of the Lodge banners.
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