Orange Order, 12th of July 2022, Antrim

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Gallery of photos of the 12th of July Orange Order parade in Antrim in 2022.

The East Antrim Combine Orange Order 12th of July parade took place in Antrim in 2022. The parade featured dozens of marching bands, Lambeg drummers and Orange Lodges from across several districts including Antrim, Carnmoney, Carrickfergus, Cloughfern, Killead, Larne, Randalstown, Sixmilewater and Staffordstown.

Wreaths were laid by the host district at the War Memorial in Antrim, remembering those who fell in the World Wars and other conflicts.

Crowds of all ages lined the parade route. Friends, families, and community members gathered, contributing to an atmosphere of enthusiasm and support.

Participants of all generations took part, from children waving flags to adults marching proudly in the ranks.

The event was a celebration of unionist identity and tradition, reflecting both the historical and religious dimensions of the Orange Order and their annual celebrations of William III’s victory at the Boyne.
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