Mods in Motion: A Scooter Culture Documentary

25 images Created 11 Sep 2022

Scooter Rally Photos: Vintage Vespas and Luscious Lambrettas.

‘Mods in Motion: A Scooter Culture Documentary,' is a photographic project that seeks to capture the vibrant essence of scooter rallies and the enduring legacy of Lambretta and Vespa scooters. From the revved elegance of classic Lambretta and Vespa models to the lively scenes of scooter rallies, the project unveils the timeless allure of these iconic rides. 'Mods in Motion' not only documents the physical movement but also encapsulates the cultural momentum and camaraderie that defines the scooter subculture, offering viewers a vivid portrayal of the community's unique energy and style.
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