Grand Orange Lodge of England parade London 2007

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Photos of the Grand Orange Lodge of England’s bicentennial parade held in central London in June 2007.

Orange Associations existed in England, dating back to the time of William III. The Orange Order in England was eventually established in 1807, and the parade through central London marked this 200-year anniversary.

Several thousand members of the Orange Order paraded from the assembly point at Hyde Park through West London and towards The Cenotaph and Whitehall. Orange Lodges from England were joined by others, particularly from Scotland and Northern Ireland. Bands from across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland took part, as did a contingent of Lambeg drummers.

The Orange Order remains prominent in England, particularly in Liverpool. The annual Twelfth demonstration takes place in Southport. Other Orange parades in England take place in Brixham, where William III Prince of Orange landed in 1688 and in the Hampshire town of Petersfield where there is a statue of William III. There are annual parades in London to mark St. Georges Day and on Remembrance weekend.
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