Faulkbourne, Church of St. Germanus, Photos

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Gallery of photos of St. Germanus Anglican Church in Faulkbourne, Essex. The church at Faulkbourne is dedicated to St. Germanus of Auxerre.

Saint Germanus of Auxerre, born circa 378 AD in Auxerre, Gaul (modern-day France), into noble family, received a comprehensive education encompassing both secular and religious studies.

An ardent defender of orthodox Christian teachings, Saint Germanus actively opposed the Pelagian heresy, which denied the concept of original sin and emphasised human free will in achieving salvation.

In 429 AD, Germanus answered the call to travel to Britain to counter the spreading Pelagian heresy. During this mission, he successfully defended orthodox Christian doctrines and, according to tradition, performed miracles.

The feast day of Saint Germanus of Auxerre is celebrated on July 31 in the Western Christian liturgical calendar.
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