Evangelical Land: Photographing Christian Evangelism in N. Ireland

23 images Created 30 Dec 2021

Evangelical Land is a documentary photography project taking its inspiration from Christian Evangelism in Northern Ireland. The motivation for the project is a personal fascination with evangelical signs erected on telegraph poles, trees, and lampposts and how these punctuate the landscapes, both rural and urban, of Northern Ireland.

These signs, more than mere markers, serve as intriguing and arguably crucial components of the region's visual identity. Each sign is a testament to the spiritual commitment of the individuals behind their creation. Although the religious messages conveyed might be regarded as ‘obvious’, the work invites viewers to reflect on the profound motivation that go into their making as well as the layers of meaning that public declarations of belief embody and how these signs are situated within and make claims upon Northern Ireland’s landscape.

The work raises questions about the nature of religiosity in Northern Ireland. A younger generation arguably adheres to a more secular worldview. The decline of rigid religious identities is evident in increased non-observance.

This transition signifies a broader societal trend. Are the signs then something redundant or anachronistic, or a cri-de-Coeur for religious revival? When seen in this context, they ask us questions about who we are and what we consider of central importance in our values and beliefs.

As the project evolves, it will become a long-form sequenced work of circa 50 images. Publication and display of individual works and sequences of work can be discussed and aligned with publisher / gallerist requirements.
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