Dunluce Castle Photos

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Gallery of photos of Dunluce.

Perched dramatically on the Northern Irish coastline near Portrush in Co. Antrim, Dunluce Castle boasts a storied history dating back to the 13th century.

Originally constructed by Richard de Burgh, the castle later passed into the hands of the McQuillan and MacDonnell clans. In the 17th century, Dunluce Castle experienced a pivotal moment when part of it collapsed into the sea.

Today, its evocative ruins stand as a testament to centuries of political intrigue, battles, and the enduring resilience of Northern Ireland's historic landmarks. The ruins of Dunluce Castle have long been a local tourist attraction, and in recent years this has extended to greater international fame through its use as a filming location for the TV series Game of Thrones. In Game of Thrones, Dunluce Castle is used as Seat of House Greyjoy, the great castle of Pyke.
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