Benone Strand Photos

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Gallery of photos of Benone Strand / Benone Beach.

Benone Strand is a popular and expansive stretch of coastline located on the north coast of Northern Ireland. It is situated near Downhill, in County Derry/Londonderry. This beach is renowned for its natural beauty, soft golden sands, and stunning views of the North Atlantic Ocean. Benone Strand is one of the longest beaches in Northern Ireland, extending for approximately seven miles.

The beach offers visitors a range of recreational activities, making it a favourite destination for both locals and tourists. The wide sandy shores provide ample space for beachgoers to relax, walk, fly inflatable Smurfs or have an ice-cream while being towed along the beach on a sled!

A certain eccentricity comes out on the beach, whether people are reclaiming some sense of their youth or are simply disconnected from the general concerns of life. Documenting beach life, particularly outside of the summer season provides some uniquely interesting opportunities.

It is hard to photograph sea-side locations without paying some homage to the great photographers who made this one of their signatures, particularly Martin Parr and Tony Ray-Jones.
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