Behind the Glass: A Greenhouse Photo Shoot

11 images Created 7 Feb 2024

In Behind the Glass, I explore a once cared for and vibrant greenhouse, now in disrepair and abandonment. The dilapidated structure, with its weathered rusty looks and shattered glass panes, is being overrun by an unruly assault of weeds. Nature is reclaiming its space, but with a sense of anarchy – sweeping away the once curated and cultivated space that tried to tame it.

In the details of neglect, highlighting the peeling paint, rusted metal frames, and the delicate fragility of the remaining glass there seems to be a sense of natural justice. The man-made elements are collapsing, overgrowing vegetation against the backdrop of decay speaks of nature's ability to endure without ‘the gardener’s attention’.

There is nothing prized about the blooms that grow here. But are they not beautiful?
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