Black Saturday 2022, Ballyclare, Photos

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This gallery is an extended photo essay of images taken at the Grand Black Chapter of County Antrim demonstration held in the town of Ballyclare in August 2022.

The Royal Black Institution is as a cornerstone of Northern Ireland's unionist cultural and religious landscape. Established in 1797, the Royal Black Institution is guided by principles of faith, loyalty, and service.

With a Christian foundation, the institution emphasises spiritual growth and outreach, fostering a sense of communal identity and fellowship among its members.

Central to the institution's calendar are its parades and pageantry, which serve as visual expressions of its values and beliefs. These events, marked by colourful religious banners, and stirring music, attract in significant volume, participants, and spectators from across the unionist community and beyond.

The institution’s parades, held throughout the year, culminate in the "Last Saturday" demonstrations in August. These gatherings bring together members from various districts to celebrate their shared heritage and faith.

Beyond the parades, the Royal Black Institution is committed to charity and outreach. Through its philanthropic work and engagement with local communities, the institution seeks to promote goodwill and understanding across society.
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