Visual Art Project Collection

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Collection of personal work in the form of visual art, alternative photographic practices, photo poetry and psychological image making.

Through this collection of visual art projects, I delve into the intricate realms of dreams and meditations, attempting to find connecting threads between lens-based art, psychology, and photography. Inspired by the elusive nature of dreams, in projects such as Collective Unconscious and Ink, I seek to translate the subconscious first onto physical media such as canvas, acetate, or photographic paper. As the ultimate purpose of the work is to create photographs, I then use the camera’s ‘way of seeing’ as an active participant in the production of a ‘final’ image.

Projects, in particular Collective Unconscious, Chemicals Squared and Ink become visual explorations, meditations, where the camera serves as a creative bridge.

In the Topology of Nothingness, I explore the connection between art, creativity, and mental health. These ‘free form’ drawings are representations of certain mental states and are in some sense a confrontation between the artist and the interiority of various creative moods.

In Triptych Tales I am interested in using a traditional artform (the 3-panel structure) as a metaphor for past, present, future. They could also represent the Aristotelian story telling structure of beginning, middle and end. As a sequence in one image, the Triptych has dynamicity and each of the images play off each other, and as an holistic visual experience.

Photo Poetry is a collection of original poems responding to original imagery. I am particularly interested here in the idea of collaborating with myself in the dual roles of visual artist and poet.
This stems from an interest in trying to ‘photograph poetically’ and ‘write photographically’ and thinking about the counterpoint between visual language and written language.

This collection of projects, at its core, is an invitation to contemplate the convergence of art and psychology, offering glimpses into the elusive realms of the mind through the lens of visual storytelling.

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